Review: Duvel

November 10, 2010


Wednesday night, per usual, is glass night at Flying Saucer, and tonight the featured beer was Duvel.

It was also a very special night for the Houston beer scene, the start of a campaign to bring a Freetail Brewpub to Houston. After Scott announced (in the Freetail newsletter, see a post by Jennifer Litz of Texas Girls’ Pint Out for the details) that he wanted to expand his world-class brewpub outside of San Antonio, with Houston on the short-list, the beer nerd community rallied for the cause to create a game plan to show Scott that Houston should be the next Freetail location. The details are being worked out on the plan to wow Scott, but don’t worry Houston, we are working hard to bring you a brewpub! If you want to help out, email me!

Now on to the beer!

The Beer:
Brewed by: Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat NV, Belgium
ABV: 8.5%
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

The Taste:
The beer pours a rich golden color with a huge white head that dissipates slowly and leaves some lacing on the glass, which I suppose has to do with the special construction of the glass that involves an etched ‘D’ at the bottom to keep the carbonation going.  It smells of citrus and floral aromas with a sour note in there as well. The taste is very smooth for the ABV, the citrus and very balanced malts and hops shine through. It is very drinkable and highly carbonated, but it seems to work very well with the citrus flavors. This kind of beer is not my favorite style but it is done very well and would be a great beverage for the summer time, but probably not a cooler full because of the alcohol. Plus I scored a sweet glass!

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5 Comments on “Review: Duvel”

  1. Velky Al Says:

    Belgian beers are something I am yet to really get into (probably wild heresy in the beer blogging world, but there we go). Flying Saucers though are excellent pubs in my experience (sure it helps that the bar staff are scantily clad, at least in Columbia, SC they are!).


  2. Keith Miedema Says:

    Well, that is very good, however think about additional choices we’ve got here? Would you mind publishing one more post about these also? Appreciate it!


  3. Tony Bell Says:

    I am drinking one right now. I am an experienced Duvel lover of many years as my most drunken years were in my 20’s in Belgium. So I can add one extra comment to your review. We all know that certain drinks (Tequila springs to mind) can have ‘extra effects’. Well I’m not saying that Duvel is psychedelic or anything, but on more than one occasion, it has changed my life, usually for the better, I think. The most certain recipe for this, if you are up for it, is to drink four of them (or more, but I never tried that). I accept no responsibility for anything that happens to you if you do this. I usually stop at two, which nowadays is the big bottle you can get in the US, though back in Brussels it was on tap. On that profound note, cheers to you!


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