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Craft Beer on Tap: Queen Vic Pub

June 30, 2011


I wasn’t going to write about my visit to Queen Vic last night, as it was date night and I knew they had a great craft beer selection going in, but I was pleasantly surprised at the rest of the beer culture at this British-Indian fusion pub. When we walked in, we sat at the […]

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Tuesday Brew News 6/28/11

June 28, 2011


I’ve decided that instead of trying to update my new brewery post every other 5 seconds with updates from all the breweries and brewpubs, I would start a weekly (or every few days, depending on how much news there is) feature that puts all the news in one place. This will also feature news from […]

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Tasting: Darkside Fermentation (San Marcos, Texas)

June 27, 2011


In the basement of Root Cellar Cafe, in San Marcos, Texas, is a one man brewing operation, Darkside Fermentation. The founder and brewer, Silas Parker, specializes in Belgian style, bottle-conditioned beers and happens to be the only brewery and brewpub in San Marcos. Through a few friends, I happen to come across 5 different styles […]

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Event: Hubbell & Hudson’s 2nd Annual Beer & Cheese Festival

June 24, 2011


Usually when you think of cheese paring with alcohol, wine comes to mind. Just like with food though, beer pairs just as well, if not better, with cheese. Luckily, we Houstonians have a great opportunity to see this match in action. During July 4th weekend Hubbell & Hudson in the Woodlands, a market, bistro, catering […]

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Follow-up: New Braunfels Brewing Company

June 22, 2011

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Since I love finding out about any potential new brewery in Texas, especially if it’s close, I looked through the list from my recent post and decided to investigate New Braunfels Brewing Company. I contacted Kelly Meyer, the founder, to set up a quick phone interview, with hopes to stop by on my next trip […]

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Update: New Texas Breweries

June 21, 2011


Since writing the post on new breweries in Texas, I have seen an overwhelming amount of information coming in, in the form of updates on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. so I wanted to do a follow-up post to put all the news in one place. I am working on updating my map as well! Breweries […]

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Discovery: Lone Pint Brewery

June 20, 2011


During my research for the post on new Texas Breweries, I felt like I would never be able to get information on every new brewery, there are so many and some had no way to contact them, no website, Facebook, etc. The resources that were the best help were: Beer Me! and Brewmunity. After I […]

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Black Star Co-op: Pub & Brewery

June 17, 2011


As the grand finale to our amazing day in Austin visiting Independence Brewing, Austin Beerworks and Hops & Grain, we decided to cap the evening at Black Star Co-op. After I wrote about them in my post on new Texas Breweries, I was very intrigued at their concept where people pay to be a member […]

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Follow-Up: Hops & Grain Brewery

June 16, 2011


Another Austin brewery I knew I had to check out after writing my post on New Texas Breweries, was Hops & Grain, who are focused on creating sustainability through every aspect of the brewing process. They are even using the spent grain to make handmade dog treats, aptly named Brew Biscuits. They are currently available […]

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Follow-up: Austin Beerworks

June 15, 2011


After my post on New Texas Breweries, I felt the urge to gather as much information as possible regarding the new breweries to share with you all. Since I was going to be in Austin for the Adele concert anyway (which actually got canceled!) I decided to stop by to visit some of the new […]

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Brewery Visit: Independence Brewing Company

June 14, 2011


Since I was going to be in Austin for the (canceled) Adele concert, I decided it would be a good idea to check out some new, and not so new, breweries in the area. First up was a visit to Independence Brewing Company in south Austin. Special thanks to Steve, for setting something up! Adam, […]

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Camp Beer VII: The Golden Beers

June 13, 2011


My first Camp Beer experience was earlier this year in March and I had a blast, so when the tickets went on sale for Camp Beer VII: The Golden Beers, I got mine as quickly as possible. Cathy Clark Rascoe hosts these events for her charity, Live It Big, along with other events throughout the […]

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Follow-up: Down Easy Brewing Company

June 12, 2011


After discovering Down Easy Brewing while writing my recent post on new Texas breweries, I knew I wanted to follow up with them to find out what they were planning for our craft beer scene in town. Jack, the founder, agreed to sit down with me over some good beer at Petrol Station and discuss […]

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Sneak Preview: Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company

June 5, 2011


After my post on new Texas breweries and a good tip from my friend Casey, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company was added to the list, but not the map because their location had yet to be disclosed, until now! (sort of). I had the chance to sit down with the founder of Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, […]

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