Update: New Texas Breweries

June 21, 2011


Since writing the post on new breweries in Texas, I have seen an overwhelming amount of information coming in, in the form of updates on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. so I wanted to do a follow-up post to put all the news in one place. I am working on updating my map as well!

Breweries in the original post:

Adelbert’s Brewery (Austin, TX)
If you take a look at their Facebook, they are hard at work getting their brewery built. They have also received their TTB (federal Brewer’s License). Check out their Twitter for more updates.

Armadillo Ale Works (Denton, Texas)
Since writing about them initially, they have started a Kickstarter campaign to help them raise $30,000. They have also helped put on a benefit show where they showcased their beers, no word yet on what people thought of them. You can keep updated by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

Austin Beerworks (Austin, TX)
I had the pleasure of visiting their brewery recently and trying their beers, and was super impressed with them, their brewery and their progress. For now their distribution will be limited to Austin, a strategic business move, but hopefully we’ll see them in Houston before too long. You can keep up on Facebook and Twitter.

The Barber Shop (Dripping Springs, TX)
As of June 8th, they have their house-made brews on tap, and this past weekend they featured their second keg, an American Pale Ale dry hopped with Simcoe and Centennial hops. They do not serve food, but encourage you to bring your own, or have something delivered. Check out their Facebook for more updates.

Black Star Co-op (Austin, TX)
I also got to visit these guys on my recent trip to Austin. They had 5 house-made beers on tap and a great guest beer wall. The cheese and pickled vegetable sampler we had was pretty fantastic. Next visit I hope they have more beer to try and I want to visit the actual brewhouse (I was entirely too into the cheese to get up). You can keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing (Houston, TX)
I had the chance to sit down with the founder of Buffalo Bayou Brewing company to discuss what his plans for the Houston craft beer scene are, and while a lot of information is still under wraps for business reasons, hopefully we’ll get some news soon. The location is set for the area south of I-10 between TC Jester and Shepherd. Check out my preview post on them here.You can keep up with Buffalo Bayou on Twitter and Facebook.

Cedar Creek Brewery (Kemp, TX)
As of this week, they updated their Facebook with news about brewing some pilot batches of a Smoked Alt and an American Pale Ale, and are currently looking for more investors.

Circle Brewing Company (Austin, TX)
Since their appearance at the Texas Beer Festival, they have joined Twitter, registered for GABF, and are having their beers featured at bars around town. You can see what they’re up to on their Facebook as well.

Cornels Brewing (Beaumont, TX)
Cornel’s was recently featured on Ronnie Crocker’s Beer, TX blog in the Houston Chronicle and they have gotten their TTB approval and are currently awaiting TABC approval. Check them out on Facebook for more updates.

Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX)
Earlier this month they hosted a beer and barbeque event where attendees got to try 12 (!) of Deep Ellum’s brews. So jealous I couldn’t make it out, the list looked outstanding, including an Oaked Cherry Double Brown Stout and a Scotch Ale, among many others. In late May, they blogged about needing more investors, but that they already have their “location, building permit, brewhouse, cellar equipment, and have even submitted for our state and federal licenses”. Their Facebook and Twitter are updated regularly, so follow them for more news.

Down Easy Brewing (Houston, TX)
I sat down with the founder of Down Easy Brewing, Jack, and discussed his plans, beer style of choice and anything else I could think to ask about his plans for opening a new brewery in Houston. At first, I (and other Houston beer nerds) were a bit put off by a few misguided statements on his website, they have since been removed and an apology and explanation issued. You can follow Down Easy on Facebook and Twitter.

Flix Brewhouse (Round Rock, TX)
They are still hiring as of last week, and have been posting various pictures of the progress of construction on their Facebook. Their Executive Chef Scott Reed was present at the 2011 Austin Wine & Music Festival with food (no beer?) samples for the attendees. I haven’t seen any updates regarding their house beers, hopefully soon.

Hops & Grains Brewing (Austin, TX)
Another brewery I had the pleasure of visiting while in Austin, was Hops & Grain. I talked (and drank) with Josh about the construction, his brewing equipment, beer styles, and his other venture Brew Biscuits. Check out the story here. I can’t wait to go back to Austin and try more of that Coffee Schwarz bier. SO GOOD. Follow Hops & Grains on Facebook and Twitter.

Jester King (Austin, TX)
These guys have been super busy! They have recently had an ALS fundraiser at their brewery (love seeing stuff like that), they are planning yet another collaboration with Mikkeller, and they got in new tanks so that they can brew their farmhouse ale without compromising the system. I cannot wait to see more from these guys! You can follow Jester King on Facebook and Twitter.

Lakewood Brewing (Dallas, TX)
Brian Brown of the Examiner in Plano, Texas, recently did a 3 part series on Lakewood, check them out here: 1, 2 & 3. Brian mainly discusses Lakewood’s beers, and they have just announced on their Facebook, that they will also have a Vienna Style lager (like Victoria, my favorite session beer!) and according to their blog, they will be using some of their homegrown hops in a beer called Tierra Madre. Time for a road trip to Dallas, I suppose.

New Republic Brewing (College Station, TX)
Shortly after I posted about all the new breweries, these guys announced that they are legal, and since then Bellows, their amber ale has been on sale. They posted shortly after that about issues with their kegs, “If you’ve tasted a pint at one of our retailers and noticed it a bit off, you are not wrong. We delivered a few yeasty or under-carbonated kegs”. not a good start for a new brewery, but we’ll see how reviews are after getting proper kegs. You can follow their updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Pecan Street Brewing (Johnson City, TX)
About all that has changed for these guys is an update on their page saying they hope to open in June 2011 (previously it said May) but they are running out of time. You can keep up with them on Facebook.

Pedernales Brewing (Fredericksburg, TX)
Their website still doesn’t get you anywhere, but they have been posting on their Facebook like crazy. Mostly they have been posting pictures of the new equipment that has been arriving what seemed like daily for about a week. They closed on the land and their building and are finishing construction and getting the equipment all set up. From what I can tell, they are still awaiting permits though.

Peticolas Brewing (Dallas, TX)
They currently have an architect who is drawing up plans so they can get their building permits, and the city council gave them approval to brew in the Design District. Follow Peticolas Brewing updates on Facebook.

Twisted X (Austin, TX)
They announced the name for their dark lager, “Cow Creek” named after a tributary on the North side of Lake Travis, they have also brewed a prickly pear lager, named “Siesta” which is quite intriguing, I’d love to try that. They have also received some tequila barrels from Republic Tequila, that they want to age their “Senor Viejo”, an Imperial Black Lager. Look for more updates from Twisted X on Facebook.

Wicked Beaver Brewing LLC (Wolfforth, TX)
They recently brewed a cream ale that they are calling “Creamweaver” (clever!), checkout a picture they posted on their Twitter, here. In early June they tweeted that they thought it would be about 30 days until they receive their TTB permit and after that there would be tastings and we would see their beer for sale. Not sure if that means it will make it’s way down to Houston, though. You can also check out Wicked Beaver on Facebook.

Yellow House Canyon Brew Works (Lubbock, TX)
These guys have made a huge commitment by taking the “Master Brewers Program taken through the Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich” and have been posting updates about classes, microbiology labs and tastings on their Facebook. Yellow House Canyon is also on Twitter.

Breweries not in the original post:
I wanted to differentiate the breweries that weren’t in my original post mainly because it’s crazy to see how much has changed in just over a month (the original post was May 12th).

Bayou City Brewing Works (Houston TX)
After some confusion between Bayou City Brewing Works and Bayou City Brewing Company (see below) they cleared it up on twitter… Bayou City Brewing Works is a hopeful brewpub. Hopefully they tweet some more, as I can’t find them on Facebook or a website. I did find what seems to be their designer’s work on their logo and menu, check that out here.

Bayou City Brewing Company (Houston, TX)
They haven’t updated their Facebook since late last year and their Twitter is in the same shape. The only information is how they aren’t related to the aforementioned Bayou City Brewing Works.

Denton County Brewing Company (Denton, TX)
As of late April, they were “Searching for a location right now and plan on nanoproduction by mid 2012 and full production by the beginning of 2013.” They have been brewing already though, an IPA, their “Classic Ale”, a wheat and an amber. Pretty classic line-up of beers that won’t offend anybody as long as they are well-made. You can look for updates from Denton County Brewin COmpany on Facebook and Twitter.

Horizon Brewery (Austin, TX)
Established in 2010, their Facebook and Twitter don’t really give too much info and their website link is dead for now.

Independent Ale Works (Denton, TX)
After one of the partners, Steve, commented on my other post about new breweries, I checked out their website and their Facebook page to see what these guys were planning. They are in the process of looking for brewery space and starting the licensing process. They have two beers in their line-up thus far, A german inspired amber ale and a Honey Wheat ale.

Lone Pint Brewery (Magnolia, TX)
I had a chance to sit down with the founders of Lone Pint, Trevor and Heather, and discuss their venture into the brewing industry. Check out the interview here. For now, you’ll have to e-mail them, or hope they fill me in on their progress, because they aren’t on Facebook or Twitter. Come on guys!!

New Braunfels Brewing Co (New Braunfels, TX)
I stumbled upon these guys while perusing Facebook. They were founded this year and hope to have their “old-word German and Belgian recipes” out later this fall. They have their styles listed as a hefeweizen, a “Krystall” (not sure if they mean Kristalweizen?) and a dunkleweisse “with a shot of TX” as their first seasonal.

Uggly Rugger (denton, TX)
A future brewpub by co-founders Derrick Rima and Summer Bailey, located north of Dallas, in Denton and they have just barely surfaced in social media on Twitter, and updates of their progress on their blog. They also post to Facebook. Their timeline is roughly a year and a half before opening, hopefully they don’t fade away with such a long timeline.

Yeastbound & Down (Waller, TX)
After fellow beer nerd Chris, mentioned these guys in a comment on my other post, I decided to look them up. While they are not new, established in 2009, they were new to me and maybe new to some of you as well. They already have a line-up of 3 year-round brews (Hot-Button Pils, Waller County Wheat and “The Mullet” Pale Ale) and 2 seasonals (Big George Brown Ale and OktoberFestivus) , as well as their signature “Call-A-Cab” IPA that sits heavy at 8.6% ABV. They also did a tasting back in September of last year at Tomball restaurant, Bootsie’s. You can follow their progress on Twitter and Facebook.

Clearly, it is difficult to keep up with everyone’s news, so if you know of something or are a brewery and have information, feel free to e-mail me (leslie AT lushtastic DOT com) or comment below.

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  1. Jennifer Weltz Says:

    You are missing Independence Brewery and Thirsty Planet for Austin


  2. Xavier Alesmith Says:

    Thank you for the coverage, filled in a couple more – didn’t see you had South Austin up – they have equipment in place and are close to getting ready to brew focusing on Belgian styles.

    Xavier Alesmith


  3. Kale Says:

    Check out No Label brewery out in Katy, awesome brews


  4. Dean Brundage Says:

    Thanks for the mention! We have our carbonation problems worked out now.



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