Follow-up: Revolver Brewing

January 4, 2012


Revolver Brewing, Granbury, Texas

Back in July of 2011, Revolver Brewing popped onto the social media scene on Twitter. Shortly thereafter, they closed on a property of just over 16 acres in Granbury, Texas, about 35 minutes southwest of Fort Worth. The Revolver crew chose Granbury to be closer to family, though one of the team members is originally from Houston.

I first saw the name Revolver Brewing on their TABC permit applications; they have since received those, along with TTB permits and all of the necessary Development and Compliance permits from the county for construction. I did a little investigating and emailed one of the founders, Rhett Keisler, about getting an interview. He kindly told me to be patient while they got everything together, and just when I thought they had forgotten about me, Rhett emailed me back answering all of my questions!

So, just who are these guys, in small town Texas, opening a brewery? Well, there are 3 employees right now, one of which may seem familiar to you. Grant Wood, Revolver’s brewer, comes to them from Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams), where he worked for the last 16 years. Some of his accolades while at Sam Adams include being the team leader for their “High Alcohol Brewing Projects”, which produced the world record holding Millennium and Utopia beers. Grant is originally from Texas, and has decided to return home this week to get their brewery started.The third partner is Ron Keisler, Rhett’s father, an instrumental part of their team since the very beginning. Their operation is wholly financed by their family.

Revolver plans to open in the summer of this year, and of course, host tastings and tours out on their property. They are actually looking for a DFW sales rep if anyone is interested! Rhett wouldn’t divulge any of their planned beers, but I’m sure with the experienced people behind them we can expect great things. They have purchased a customized 30 barrel brewhouse and tanks from Silver State Stainless in Nevada. They don’t plan to package any of their beers for the foreseeable future. He did note that, “It would be wonderful for our customers to have the right to buy craft beer to take home from our brewery. Texas wineries do it every day and have proven that this model works. We appreciate advocacy groups like Open the Taps that push for reducing those restrictions.”

How does one decide to open a brewery? For many it is a mere pipe dream. Rhett explained that after graduating from the University of Texas in the late nineties, he took a trip to Munich with his brother and had a realization about, “not only to what beer could be, but the way it is locally produced and respected as a food source. Texans are now doing the same thing – they are thinking about their beer the way they think about their barbeque.”

Out of curiosity, I asked, “Why the name Revolver Brewing?” To which he answered, “The revolver pistol is an iconic symbol of self-sufficiency in the American West. We hope to bring a bit of that spirit to our little brewing company.” I can’t imagine anything better.

You can follow Revolver Brewing on Facebook & Twitter to keep up with their progress!

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2 Comments on “Follow-up: Revolver Brewing”

  1. Laura Mellencamp Says:

    Can’t wait till you open. Very much looking forward to your long and success in Granbury. Welcome to the community!!!


  2. ntbeerdrinkers Says:

    We linked to this article from our blog!! Outstanding post!!


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