Preview: Cottonwood Bar

October 5, 2012

Beer, Grub

I’m always excited to hear about a new craft beer bar in Houston and Cottonwood in the Garden Oaks area is no exception. Brought to thirsty Houstonians by the people behind Liberty Station, we can expect a few things to carry over from Liberty and some new features that really take advantage of their huge new space at 3422 N. Shepherd. Their tentative opening is October 16th, with an Oktoberfest bash to welcome them to the ‘hood shortly after.

First, while I’ll miss the awesome variety of rotating food trucks that Liberty features, Cottonwood will feature a full menu of great food like burgers and mussels crafted by chef Daniel Ajtai, a dedicated beer nerd as well. I can just imagine the pairing possibilities as I’ve met Daniel a few times and he is pretty serious about beer and food. We can also expect beer dinners after the dust settles and they get situated in their new space. There will be bar and table service, though Charles Bishop (one of the Liberty Station owners) really stressed to me how casual they want it to stay, just like at Liberty.

Second, an expanded beer program. There will be 30 taps inside featuring 1-2 nitro taps that will host a stout and an ESB regularly, 12-15 local beers from our favorites like Karbach, Saint Arnold, Southern Star, Buffalo Bayou, and No Label and the rest (another 12-15) will be rotating taps for whatever is available at the time. They plan to expand shortly after opening by installing a container bar at their patio with another 5-10 taps. They also plan to have 2 beer engines and a wine tap that will rotate between a red and a white. Another cool feature will be their “table growler” program (like pitchers for beer nerds!), though they won’t be for take-home since they have a mixed liquor license.

A few things will feel very familiar though, like a huge (2,000 square foot!) patio complete with washers, bags (cornhole, or whatever else people call this game now), TV’s and a stage for live music.

I also heard there will be a special cask of something from St. Arnold for their Oktoberfest party, slated for the first saturday after they open! Thanks to Charles for taking the time to chat with me and I cannot wait to check out the new place!

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  1. Kabar Makkah Says:

    nice tips.. thank’s for share


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