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Massage in KL

Massage in KL Malaysia has a lot to offer when it comes down to massages, especially in its capital city Kuala Lumpur. True to its ‘diverse’ concept practised in the culture, one can get massage styles from the all over Asian countries in one place. You can go almost anywhere in Kuala Lumpur to get […]

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fine dining

Top 3 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur Don’t we all love a nice meal? A place with a nice ambiance, where you can chat with all your friends, or dine with your partner? Well, then Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer you! From an Italian cuisine, some spicy local food, or even an Arabic experience, […]

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Getting Rid Of Stubborn Fat Deposits Through Liposuction

Liposuction For A Shapely Figure In Malaysia, we often tend to overeat and as a result we put on weight easily, what with all the melting pot; paradise of food we have here. Sadly we indulge in food but we do not indulge in keeping fit, therefore most Malaysians are on the plump side with […]

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My experience with P1 Unlimited Broadband

P1 Unlimited High Speed Broadband: My experience So I have been looking at various internet packages offered in Kl, I preferred whatever I can just plug in and connect at any area in my house which kinda wipped out all the ones linked to TV (that I don’t want anyway).For me it is not about […]

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Rooftop Restaurant in KL

Best Rooftop Restaurant in KL As the Malaysia’s cash Kl grows, one of the better benefit which one will see is increase in quantity of rooftop bars where you can get best and spectacular views of the Kuala Lumpur city. For the most part these are based in high end hotels, making for a mixed […]

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Best Fine Dining in KL

Best Steak House in KL Since one of the most world’s most popular cuisines it might be a surprise to learn that the true Italian cuisine hardly exists. The truth is, Italian meals are still largely considered by regions each and every region in Italy creating its very own unique cuisine based on its history, […]

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Unlimited Broadband Internet Offer in Malaysia

P1 Broadband Internet Offer in Malaysia Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Lai Shu Wei, who introduced the latest campaign, explained this newest offer was a culmination of improvements taking place at the community on the rear of the new collaboration with TM and SK Telecom. “Packet One particular Networks Sdn Bhd (P1) today released its new […]

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Plastic Surgery That suits you

Plastic surgery: could it possibly be for you? Bradbury specialises in the psychology of visual appeal, and has worked well for 20 many years with those people who are considering surgical treatment. “Cosmetic surgical procedures is carried out for sociable and psychological reasons, not functional motives,” she says. “It’s important to comprehend the motivation for wanting […]

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Smart Mobile Cambodia   Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. is Cambodia’s 2nd major mobile telecoms company serving over Six million subscribers with the ‘Smart’ brand.     In The month of january 2014, Smart presented its 4G LTE network and have become the very first mobile operator in Cambodia to deliver true 4G services. Smart has […]

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