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Liposuction Surgery In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is a land of smiles, renowned for its friendly people, natural rainforests and a kaleidoscope of cultural melting pot that offers a variety in sights and tastes, bursting with multi layers of cultural wonders. Besides being a popular shopping destination, many international visitors are flocking into Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur as one of […]

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Under the Airbnb & Uber Debacle

What is happening here is an interesting fight between the individual’s right to use broadband internet in order to rent out their home or car for personal profit, and the right’s of municipalities to zone areas of their communities for specific uses, and to collect tax revenue to pay for needed upkeep and services. While […]

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Why Medicare Failed

Prior to Obamacare, young couples in America paid less than $9,000 a year with no deductible. In 2016, they will pay a minimum of $14,000 in premiums alone, and that does not include the $6,000 deductible they must pay before getting anything for premiums. This is the simplest of economic principles: whatever you subsidize becomes […]

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An Alternative to Medicare

The largest problem with the Affordable Care Act is that it keeps profit making insurance companies in place. And they do make a profit, ask anyone who has investments in health care. This profit is the largest reason that the premiums paid by anyone making over $12,000 per year can be very high. Cut back […]

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Why go to a beauty spa?

    Most people go to a beauty spa to relax and enjoy a massage or other treatments. But there are many more reasons to visit a spa.       The spa is healthy By going to the spa, your body is cleansed. In addition, a spa contributes to a better blood circulation of […]

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Want To SMS For Free In Cambodia? Try Facebook’s Messaging App.

If you want to SMS for free in Cambodia, why not give Facebook SMS a try? Its messaging app for smartphones allows users to send text messages to one another using the Facebook system – Facebook Messenger. A Facebook extension of its present messaging system, utilising its platform, it allows two Facebook users to communicate […]

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Top Five Reasons Microsoft Gave Windows 10 Upgrade for Free

There’s an instant delivery service in Malaysia called GoGet.MY where users that have downloaded their application can get errands done by mentioning a price they would be winning to pay (as low as MYR 10, to as high as MYR 100( for a task like shopping, pick & drop, food delivery etc. The business was […]

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Top 3 Ways to Sleep Rich

If, like most people, you’re sick of your job or employer and have some savings, here are the top six ways to inject your money so it works for you while you sleep: 1) Real estate. Check out Airbnb to see the rates charged by the top rated hosts. Find the sweet spot between high […]

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Prepaid Plans In Cambodia

If you’re getting prepaid plans in Cambodia, you’ll find a number of mobile providers such as Smart, Cellcard, Beeline, qb or Metfone. However, Smart is the only one so far that provides 4G/LTE. Compared with the situation past few years ago, where tourists had difficulties procuring prepaid sim cards at affordable prices (they could only […]

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5 Things You Should Know About Botox

Those who have experienced the Botox treatment in Malaysia would sometimes look back and wished that they had known some information before undergoing the treatment. Here are 5 tips that could be helpful for first-timers! Do your homework Don’t go in blind! You need to know who’s going to do your injections. It’s recommended that […]

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